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SOLO PIPING  (Registration on field at 10am) – Starts at 10.30am

Under 18’s – Marches, Strathspey/Reel

Adults – Piobaireachd, Marches, Strathspey/Reel


JUNIOR HEAVIES – Under 18's - Starts at 10.30am

Shot Putt – 14lbs

Throwing Hammer – 14lbs

Throwing Weight for Distance – 14lbs

Tossing the Caber  


HIGHLAND DANCING – Starts at 10.30am (see our "Information" page for entry form!)

PRIMARY – Pas-de-Basque, Pas-de-Basque & High Cuts, Fling, Sword

BEGINNERS – Fling, Sword, Seann Triubhas, Reel, Flora, Lilt

NOVICE – Fling, Sword, Seann Triubhas, Reel, Flora, Lilt

INTERMEDIATE - – Fling, Sword, Seann Triubhas, Reel, Jig, Hornpipe

PREMIER – Fling, Seann Tribuhas, Jig, Hornpipe


TRACK EVENTS – Start at 12.30pm

RUNNING – 90mts, 200mts, 400mts, 800mts, 1600mts, 3200mts, Relay

YOUTHS RUNNING – 90mts, 200m,1600mts

CYCLING – 800mts, 1600mts, 3200mts, 4800mts, 8000mts

YOUTHS CYCLING - 800mts, 1600mts


HEAVY EVENTS – Start at 12.30pm

Shot Putt – 16lbs

Shot Putt – 22lbs

Throwing Hammer – 16lbs

Throwing Hammer – 22lbs

Throwing weight for distance – 28lbs

Throwing weight for height - 56lbs

Tossing the Caber

TUG OF WAR – Starts approx. 2.30pm


10.00am        - Gates open

10.30am        - Solo piping, Junior Heavies and Highland dancers start


12.30 pm       - Track events & Heavies get going

2.00pm (ish)  - Interval

2.30pm          - Tug-of-war competition (get comfortable)

3.00pm          - Children’s Races & International Visitors Races

4.30pm (ish)  - Pipband Salute to Chieftain and Prize Giving


As with most events, these timings are just a guide to give you an idea of what’s on when. Some events may be brought forward or put back due to the number of competitors and the ground conditions on the day. The best plan is to listen to our fantastic commentator who will keep you right with what’s what!

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